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Fix Transient placement in Groove Clipboard

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Mixing by mikesupina (6,300 points)
Please fix the transient location when dragging clips/events in to the Groove Clipboard. As of now, the midi notes that get generated get put at the end of each transient preservation point, and this makes it completely unusable for sample augmenting and blending with real drums. Logic Pro X implements this really well, as well as Pro Tools with Massey DRT, but the downfall for Studio One is that while it's good at finding the transients of drums, the placement of the midi note goes at the end of the transient preservation point. This is problematic because the transient of a drum hit is always a different length, so when Studio One places it at the end of the preservation point, it's not like you can drag them all back equally because each transient has a different length. This creates serious phase issues when trying to line up samples; some hits will be weaker than others, and some fuller; it's completely inconsistent.

I feel like it could be a very easy and VERY beneficial fix to just have the midi note get moved to the front of every Transient Preservation point because that's almost always spot on.

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