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Shift Click Plugins to open multiple plugins at once

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Mixing by mikesupina (6,390 points)
It would be awesome to do a feature where you could assign a key along with clicking a plugin (I'm used to "Shift + Click" because of Pro Tools) so that you can open multiple plugins at once without having to hit the pin icon on every plugin you want to keep open. This is a lot easier and less time consuming in the event you want to eq a couple of channels back and forth.

I know Logic opens the plugins and keeps them open, which I find annoying because you could easily have 12 plugins open in less than 15 seconds, but it would be great to add this option, wether it be a macro or preferences option, to implement a key modifier + clicking for Studio One to open multiple plugins fast and easily, similar to Pro Tools (Shift + Click).

I imagine you would have to have an option to just click once for plugins to open, which I think would be better anyway... Looks like another feature request! :)

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