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Click Plugins Once to open them

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Mixing by mikesupina (6,370 points)
Please add this as an option in the preferences to be able to click a plugin once and have it open. I know we're talking about just one extra click to open a plugin window, but those extra clicks not only add up on the usage of the mouse, but it's less intuitive if you want to open a plugin by double clicking it.

Just one click: BOOM. Done. :)

Please add this as an option :)

2 Answers

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answered Sep 26, 2022 by marianlech (300 points)
Thank you for this, this was killing my workflow so much that it made me migrate from pro tools to reaper, instead of S1.
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answered Dec 24, 2022 by sirasethsawetjarusakul (520 points)
Yes!   I come from logic . in S1 this behavior very annoy me . why not just one click to open plugin window .