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Advanced quantize panel option (in combination with grid lines)

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Editing by dominikschiller (2,210 points)

Hi folks, 

I would love to see some fine adjustments of Studio one's quantization panel and grid line behavior. 

It would be very helpful if there could be a second target grid line in the arranger view that can be set via the quantize panel as well (or in another context menu?) 

This could be an option that can be enabled/disabled. The second grid line will then appear in the arranger view in a different color. (opacity and lightning can be chosen per basis of the grid lines).

To expand this idea, Studio one could feature an option for blending between those two different values (for example grid line is set to an eighth note, whereas grid line 2 is set quintuplets, the blender (a slider) sets the ratio between the two settings. (Perhaps the result can be displayed independently from the above-mentioned grid lines. Or an option for auto display - when a specific reference point is reached). 

It would be helpful if there was an option in the quantization panel to link/unlink the grid lines from the quantization settings

The grid lines can be customized through different parameters (like the ones in the q. panel: offset, swing, etc.; so one can create a unique reference line/point.)

Furthermore, the panel could be extended to other tuplets. In the current version, only septuplets are listed. So it would be great if there was a tab that can be customized to different rhythmic ratios (thirteen-tuplet etc.).

Overall this would help tremendously with a redundant task where one has to switch between multiple quantize settings. (a part that utilizes mainly triplet, whereas another part emphasizes dotted sixteenth note.

I hope that some of you appreciate the thoughts that went into those suggestions. Thank you for reading until here. I appreciate your time. Have a great day my friend. ;)

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