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Claves Sound Crashes Notion iOS

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asked Apr 10, 2016 in Notion iOS by jeffarwady (160 points)

I've installed the latest version of Notion iOS (as of 4/10/2016) on my iPad PRO (1st gen) running iOS 9.3 and have installed the basic sounds that come with it.  I wanted claves to create a click track so I purchased the claves sound for $0.99.  It downloaded and I am able to create a claves track in my score.  I also see a percussion pad at the bottom center with a "High" sound and "Low" sound on separate pads.  I am able to push the "Low" pad and get a sound without incident.

However, when I push the "High" pad the application crashes every time.  I have tried restarting my iPad, reinstalling Notion and all sounds, and deleting my file so I could create a new one; each thing I've tried has no effect.  I've also checked my iPad disk space and have 13 GB free.  

Steps to reproduce:

1. Download Notion on an iPad Pro (1st gen) running iOS 9.3

2. Download all of the basic sounds

3. Do an in-app purchase of the claves sound

4. Create a claves track

5. Push the "High" pad

Please advise, as I'd like to use the high sound for my click track as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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answered Apr 18, 2016 by ChrisS23 (13,670 points)
selected Apr 20, 2016 by jeffarwady
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Thanks for the report Jeff,

we were able to replicate your issue, and only on 64-bit iOS devices (so from iPhone5s and up, including iPad Pro). This is not an issue on older iPhone or iPads.

We've logged a ticket, and this will be fixed in the next update. Would woodblock be a temporary workaround for you?

If you create a tech support ticket via your my.presonus account, we can keep track of this issue for you too.