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DDP image fail in StudioOne version!! Anyone have a get around? I'm on MacOS 10.9.5 8GB Ram

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asked Apr 10, 2016 in Studio One 3 by catfaudio (330 points)
I've done a permissions repair. Re-installed StudioOne Restarted my Mac and still DDP image fails. I also need to get the DDP to the CD plant right away! Not impressed. Nice colours though.

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answered Apr 10, 2016 by catfaudio (330 points)
Never mind I fixed the problem. I saved the  project to a new folder and then created the DDP without a problem. Perhaps the original folder has some file corruption. Or I created too many folders within folders within folders. Anyway, the DDP image got created. And the new colour palette still is nice.  

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answered Jun 6, 2016 by pellefridell (3,690 points)

I have the same problem but on

Tried your steps but no luck..

I'm also on mac, 10.11.5

Best regards,

Pelle Fridell

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