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Allow channels to be a member of more than one VCA at a time

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asked Feb 21, 2022 in Mixing by studioj (1,900 points)
Currently it seems Studio One only allows a console channel to be a member of a single VCA. This limits flexibility in the use of VCAS -- I might want one VCA to control all my orchestra busses, but then additional VCAs to only control a few busses each - ie the STRINGS VCA controls 4 or 5 strings busses, and the BRASS VCA is on my Brass busses, of which I have several, often separated by library. This functionality is possible in Pro Tools and Studio One would benefit from this functionality as it's a great way to mix. Perhaps one could click on the VCA label on the channel in question with an option modifier to add another VCA rather than just switching to the selection. The VCA's output would then need to be "Summed" of course, if some channels were part of  more than one VCA. Mutes and Solos would just take whatever the last action was.

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