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Full Screen Always on Top / Launch in Full Screen Mods

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asked Mar 22, 2022 in Look and Feel by kuteace (370 points)

The full screen feature in Studio One feels unfinished really, why is it always on top when i try to alt+tab to my browser or file explorer, i have to leave the full screen mode first before i can switch and please can you add an option to always launch in full screen.

Thank you for reading.

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answered Jan 30 by tiagoribeiro3 (940 points)
Hope PreSonus is reading and taking notes. Already in Studio One 6 and the issue is still the same.

This has caused me problems many times, some VSTs like Kontakt have confirmation dialog windows and Studio One's fullscreen mode will override that dialog window, freezing the entire program.

It is not that hard. Please fix it