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File Browser shows the sample keys or sample Match the key mode to the project

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asked Apr 15, 2022 in Look and Feel by randcouple (430 points)
Feature request for file browser window

Best regards to all the hardworking developers of presonus!

I have been using studio one for about 6 years, and the file browser of studio one is the best in the daw I have used. I hope the file browser can be more useful.

When I use studio one to make music, I often go to the file browser window to find some local audio files such as one shot or sample.

I wonder if it is possible in a future version to detect and display the pitch of a sample or one shot directly, or directly match the key of the current project when playing the selected sample loop (like the current match to the project tempo The button is the same. Now the function of speed matching to project is very successful.)

Of course, we can quickly drag the sample to the track on the left to match up and down, but if we can directly match it in the file browser window on the right, it will be a qualitative leap in the working speed.

If you add a key that displays the currently selected sample, I believe that users can find the desired sample faster, and I also believe that this will be a good competitive function in all daws.

This is a feature request I've been wanting to give you feedback after using studio one for so many years, thank you again! Hope studio one gets better and better!

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