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How do I stop having the fat channel presets applied to all channels?

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asked May 2, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by nickgornick (220 points)
I am trying to load different Fat Channel presets on different channels.  When I select a channel, load, and recall, the preset is applied to all channels - not just the one I selected.  If I go to another channel and follow the same steps, it again changes the preset for all channels.  Am I missing a step?

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answered May 2, 2022 by LucasTX (2,680 points)
I tried to recreate the situation where Fat Channel applies the same preset to all channels but could not. I must say I was confused by your references to "load" and "recall".  To ensure we are talking about the same thing, to load Fat Channel onto a "channel" (as opposed to a "track") you should be in the "Mix" view, then adding Fat Channel by (1) opening the Inserts window and (2) clicking on "+", then typing "Fat" in the selection bar.  Fat Channel will open in the "default" preset, but you can manually select any preset.  If you open Fat Channel (using the steps above) on another track, Fat Channel will open in the default preset but changing to another preset will not change the instance of Fat Channel you had on the other channel. The only way the same preset will appear in both instances of Fat Channel is if you drag Fat Channel from one channel to another - in that case the settings from the first channel will be dragged over to the second.

Hopefully following the approach above will ensure that each instance of Fat Channel uses the appropriate preset.
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answered May 5, 2022 by nickgornick (220 points)

I was basing it on the steps in the manual and directly on the board.

4.4.2 Loading Fat Channel Presets

1. To load a preset to any channel on the StudioLive, first press the Select button for

the desired channel.
2. From the Fat Channel, press the Load button. You will notice that the LCD now
displays the Channel Preset Load menu.
3. The Channel Preset Load menu always displays the selected
channel onto which the preset will be loaded. Use the Value
encoder to locate the preset you would like to use.
4. Once you have made your selection, press the Recall button. If at any time you
would like to cancel this operation, simply press the Load button again.

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answered May 20, 2022 by nickgornick (220 points)
After some back and forth after opening a ticket, the presets get loaded properly on a channel by channel basis. However, you can't tell by looking at the display window on the mixer if that's the case. It only shows the last assigned preset - not what each channel is already preset to. When you select any channel, then hit "load" they will all show whatever the most recently applied preset was.  I initially thought they weren't getting applied.

So, if you're running the mixer and you want 4 or 5 different presets to be used across 5 or more channels, there's no way to know what preset you already selected.

I asked support "after loading different presets on multiple channels, how can I determine what preset has been applied to each channel individually?"

The answer is: When presets or scenes are recalled, there is no way to know what you have recalled at any given time unless you are fully aware of the preset choice you placed.

So, unless a feature request is submitted and implemented, there is no way on the mixer itself to see what presets you have loaded on a particular channel.  The last loaded preset will show up on all channels on the screen.