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Is it possible to share a single subwoofer with two sets of studio monitors with a monitor controller?

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asked May 25, 2022 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by blakemitchell1 (120 points)

I currently have a pair of PreSonus Eris E5 XT monitors with an Eris Sub8 subwoofer. The current use is for with my synths and guitars at desks that are perpendicular to my main desk with my computer, keyboard and mouse setup, and display monitor. What I would ideally like to do is buy another pair of PreSonus Eris monitors to serve as monitors at my computer desk for listening to music and also to work within Studio One 5. This is because the monitors at the synth station are to the left and behind of me while I'm at my computer monitor. I'm currently looking at another pair of Eris E5 XT or the new Eris E5 BT monitors for easier integration into a computer desk setup.

So, what I'd like to have is a monitor controller, such as the PreSonus Monitor Station V2, Mackie Big Knob, or the Heritage Audio Baby RAM, to help me select between the monitors and inputs. Ignoring the subwoofer, I could take my audio interface output, my mixer output, and potentially the output from my computer's DAC to go into a monitor controller such as the Monitor Station V2, and then from there, the outputs could go to each set of monitors (one at the computer desk and the other at the synth desk). That makes sense to me.

However, I do not know how to handle a subwoofer in this setup. Ideally, I don't want to purchase a second subwoofer, because the subwoofer is not really directional like the studio monitors are. A single subwoofer sitting at the corner of the synth and computer desks could satisfy both pairs of studio monitors. But I don't know how I would set this up. The reason is that my understanding is that the Sub 8 sends power along the TRS connections from it to the separate studio monitors in addition to not knowing how to really configure this.

  1. Can I insert a monitor controller (passive or powered) in between the subwoofer and the two monitors? What about the power sent along to the studio monitors from the subwoofer (if that's indeed the case)?
    1. If I can, then that makes sense if there's only a single input for the monitor controller, but how do I handle the three potential inputs I'd like to select between?
  2. Another question is that I'd ideally like the ability to turn the subwoofer on and off.
  3. Is my only real option to either get a second subwoofer or not one at all for the second pair of studio monitors?
  4. Any other potential solution with the above monitor controllers or one I don't know about?
Thanks for any help!

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