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Swing 8th Note Playback with Regular 8th Note Notation in Score View.

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asked May 30, 2022 in Score Editor by sam.offsey (200 points)
retagged May 30, 2022 by sam.offsey

Many music notation programs (notion, musescore, finale) allow the user to write regular 8th notes but have the playback with swing note lengths (triplet feel). Notating swing 8th notes as regular 8th notes is a standard convention  in writing jazz music. I would like to request this feature be added to the score view of Studio One. Basically, any 8th notes in the score view would be quantized as swing 8th notes in playback and any swing 8th notes played would show up as regular 8th notes in the score view. I added an image of how it should sound.

This would be super helpful when composing jazz music in the swing style because the score would be readable and the playback accurate. Thanks.

Swing 8ths as they are played and notated.

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answered Nov 18, 2022 by darryldunn (170 points)
Yes, would love this.
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answered Nov 16 by stefan_lupp (500 points)
Yep, this is actually a similar request like "Quantize View".  And both is super important for working with the score editor and midi recordings that are not quantized.

By the way, I though the action "Quantize to Notation" is meant for this, but I do not see any change, when using it ?!!