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imported midi sequencer file twice the tempo I want

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asked Jun 20 in Studio One 5 by kevinmcgarry (120 points)
I imported several midi sequences from my Roland D-20 synth (pre GM) which were recorded at 2x's the desired speed.  Ex: the track shows at 170bpm but sounds 85 bmp because I'm not a great keyboard player and recorded it at 1/2 speed.  Changing the song speed in Studio 1 to 85 bpm just makes the song play at 1/2 speed.  Can this be altered so bpm is 85 but plays at the proper speed?

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answered Jun 21 by colinotoole (10,890 points)
Just a guess as I'm sitting here watching tv: With an audio part  you can set the default tempo in the inspector (f4). Can you do the same for the midi part?