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Can Personus modify the user "data save" file path format to allow user complete control over that file path?

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asked Jun 21 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by jimwilliamson (500 points)
When I define a folder file path to save user data such as a modified FX preset, and then do a save, Studio One adds sub-folders to separate out the various functions of those presets.  For instance, I might create a user data folder which is meant to store various acoustic guitar presets I modified and want to use again later on.  However when I save an EQ file, or a Chorus file, the dang program creates separate folders within the folder I created!  In my example I have created a FX folder file path: Users/Jim/Studio One/Acoustic Guitar/file name.  I want that file path and folder to hold any/all preset files I put there.  But when I save a modified EQ preset using that file path I end up with this: Users/Jim/Studio One/Acoustic Guitar/Presonus/EQ (or Chorus, or Reverb, or etc. etc. etc.)/file name.  I hate that!  I wanted to store all preset files, regardless of whether they are an EQ, a Chorus, a Reverb, etc., that I use for the Acoustic guitar in one folder but I cannot do that because Studio One automatically separates the EQ files from the Chorus files from the Compression files etc. etc. etc.

The upshot is that I end up searching for that saved preset.  This takes time, causes frustration, and needlessly breaks my focus on the recording work at hand.  So here is my request: can Presonus allow the Preset save file path be completely defined by the user.  Put another way, can Presonus change or remove the automatic creation of a preset specific save folder (for the EQ, Chorus, Compressor, Reverb, etc.) so that the user can define the file path as they wish?

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