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File path for Studio One user data

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asked Mar 27 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by fredriklidin (1,450 points)
I would want to suggest that the file path for the user data is relative and not including the root directory of the drive.
I frequently use the same files and setting on my Mac laptop as on my stationary Windows machine in the studio.
The file path on my Mac might look like this: /Users/fredriklidin/Box Sync/STUDIO ONE/Presets
While on Windows it looks like this: F:\Box Sync\STUDIO ONE\Presets
The files in those locations are however the same files (cloud-synced).

My suggestion would be that Studio One looks for its user data (presets and such) in the designated folder. In my case the STUDIO ONE folder, and not include the preceding path from the root directory. If that is possible, we wouldn't need to point Studio One in the right direction every time we open the same song on a different computer.

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