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Allow changing colours of waveforms, not just events.

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asked Jun 27, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Garrie (720 points)

In other DAWs, when you select the colour for events, the waveform also changes to a contrasting version of the same colour for better contrast. Choose blue, waveform is dark blue, choose green, waveform is dark green.

In studio one, only the event seems to change colour, all waveforms seem to be a very similar near-black colour, which sometimes doesn't offer as much contrast over some event colours. Could we have some more customisations available here?

As an extra bonus, it would be nice to choose both colours independently. That way you could have, for example, all your guitars in green, but lead and rhythm guitars could have slightly different waveform colours too.

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answered Jul 27, 2022 by janfranklin (340 points)
Couldn't agree more! :)