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Export Stems Overwrite Option

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asked Jun 30, 2022 in Mixing by markdelorenzo (950 points)

In my position as keyboardist and programmer, I create weekly stems. And frequently I have to add or update tracks. Every time I re-export a stems track it (appends a version number) enumerates them.  I wish there was an Overwrite option checkbox. Maybe to keep the current behavior, the Overwrite checkbox always defaults to unchecked.

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answered Jul 3, 2022 by tothrec (31,920 points)
Great suggestion, Mark!

Can you edit your post adding the "Feature Request" tag?  I see that you have "new option", but don't know if it will follow the same workflow in terms of not

I would expand the request to the Export dialog.  I create mixes from sub-projects that are imported into the main project.

Sub-project: Export song.  If the name of the song is already in use it adds (1) to the end.

Main project:

1. Locate Event in pool

2. Drag new mix into pool

3. Alt drag new mix from pool over existing Event

4. Permanently delete previous mix from pool
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answered Jul 3, 2022 by kevinsmith (200 points)
Yes, I would love to see this too.