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Add FOLDERS as options to check in "Tracks" Export Stems dialog

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asked Jan 27, 2022 in Mixing by studioj (1,930 points)
Usually when I'm exporting stems, I'm grouping certain tracks into a single stem - ie all my strings tracks, Low percussion, etc etc..

It would be a huge time saver to be able to pack folders into my desired stem groups, and then check these folders in the "Tracks" dialog box in Export Stems so that these tracks could be stemmed together. Unfortunately if I use busses for this grouping, and use the "Channels" in Export stems, these exports do not include solo-safed sends, or master processing, only the audio coming off the bus. It seems just adding folders as options under "Tracks" would solve this grouping issue without requiring any additional routing in the console. Seeing that folders do show up as tracks in the Edit page, it seems odd that they are not "checkable" under tracks in "Export Stems".

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answered May 5 by abovebeyondstudio (230 points)
This feature would be such a big time saver for out studio too. At the moment we still have to solo each bus (group) and export manually one by one to preserve the processing on the entire signal path.