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Make multiple mix windows

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asked Jul 19, 2022 in Mixing by billycamillo (220 points)
being able to organize channels, busses, Fx busses and even instrument tracks on separate mix window tabs would be a nice option for an organizational feature.

instead of everything on one page or having to show/hide things

Anyone else like to declutter?

2 Answers

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answered Oct 3, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,570 points)
Cubase had this feature since ages. Would love to see this feature in S1 as well. Very handy for organizational purposes especially in projects with hundreds of tracks.
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answered Jan 6 by breanbeech (920 points)
Would be great to have at least one mixer on your second/3rd monitor and one still on your main monitor with i.e your atmos mix on (whenever they implement that).