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There is no some features that could be very helpful in Harp , and strings

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asked Jul 25, 2022 in Notion iOS by adolfoalvarezconstanzo (470 points)

Hello Everyone:

I don't know if you could done what I am requesting .

1- Harp : In the icon for harp technics , you just find how to set the tone , but there is no option of putting a Bracket in a chord when you don't want that sounds as an arpegio (If someone knows if exist and I have not seen it, please let me know. Other point if that the software does't allow you to mar Glissando between two chords. Please see the images 

In the string section , in the same technic Icon should be added de Divisi instruction (It is true that you can write with the Text tool) . One other point in relation with this is that if you want a Divisi and want that one note sound Normal and other Pizzicato , the software always will sound as pizzicato even though you put both instructions .

If someone has been successful by doing this features, please let me know , otherwise please tell to delevelopers to add it. It really would help to all that use this great software. 

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