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Some Features in Studio One 5 seem to be missing

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asked Jul 10, 2020 in Studio One 5 by toddzimmerman (1,130 points)
IToday I just realized some features from Studio One 4.6 (pro)  seemed to be missing in version 5 (Pro).

1  The handles for adjusting automation curves are missing.

2  Softtube's Tape plug-in no longer appears as a Mix FX option,

3  Rewire library is 'out of date" and will not load.

4  In some of the Presonus such as Fat Channel, you have to double click knobs to get them to respond to  mouse movement.

5  There are audio pops and clicks when turning on and off plug-ins, and all Presonus plug-ins now produce a 'Zipper' noise when changing values.

6  There seems to be no way to disable the Mix FX plug-ins in the effects browser manager section,

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