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Control StudioLive mixer with FaderPort 16

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asked Aug 29, 2022 in FaderPort 2018 by davidaragon1 (190 points)
Hi! :)

Does anyone know how to control StudioLive 32 with FaderPort 16?

Thank you!! :)

1 Answer

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answered Feb 2, 2023 by oriolaguilar (230 points)

Maybe this is not the suitable channel to adress this opinion but...
I have a suggestion for your company. I would love you to produce a product that could be some kind of Faderport, but for a LIVE situation with the Seies III Rack mixers. It would look like the Series III mixers, but without any of the Inputs and Outputs, as those would be directly in the Rack Series III. It could have wifi to connect to the rack or through cable.
I own the 24R, I don't need more inputs nor outputs, but I would love to have a piece of equipment to control the 24R with better performance than a Tablet. It would be cheaper than the mixer, lighter and more convinient for small bands...
Just a suggestion!!