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Keep Studio One minimized after a bounce if I'm on another app

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asked Sep 12 in Look and Feel by marcpeiron (680 points)
There're two scenarios when Studio One doesn't behave as expected in Mac (it didn't happen on Windows).

1- When I open a big session, it takes a while to load, so I usually go to another app, for instance, Chrome. Imagine I'm writing something and suddenly Studio One finishes loading the song. Instead of keeping minimized, the song window appears and prevents me from doing what I was doing on Chrome. However, you're not even inside Studio One, because if you look in the top menu, it still says Chrome, and whatever you type on your keyboard will reflect on Chrome. You won't enter Studio One until you click on it (despite, like I said, being visible on screen). So I would suggest it keeps minimized until you want to go there.

2- The exact same thing happens when you render several tracks to new tracks. And it's even more annoying because every time a render finishes, you're prompted to Studio One without really entering Studio One like I explained before.

What is also annoying is the little screen with the progress of the rendering, which can't be hidden.

I hope my explanation was clear. Thanks.

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