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Can we have multiple outputs per instrument in the multi-instruments plugin?

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asked Sep 12, 2022 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Donny4ggg (590 points)
Can we please get the feature to be able to use multi-output instruments in the multi-instrument plugin? For example. Plugins such as Steven Slate drums, or Kontakt, UVI, or Falcon, all have multiple outputs.  It'd be a serious workflow enhancement if we could actually utilize those outputs in the multi-instrument plugin in order to give the user control over each instrument or micing position from within the plugin and then via the mixer. In the same way that each plugin's main output is available, can we enable ALL the outputs of the plugins from within the multi-instrument plugin? Not just the main output.  So if I want to use a snare and kick from one plugin, and toms from another. I can still control the snare and kick individually without having to duplicate the plugins arbitrarily just to gain control of the bottom snare mic or something like that.

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