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Configure StudioLive 16 with Logic Pro sound output

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asked Nov 1, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by marcogirke (120 points)
edited Nov 1, 2022 by marcogirke
we have the following problem. We want to use our StudioLive 16 mixer under Logic Pro. Installation is successful so far, faders can be used in Logic, existing projects are transferred to the faders in Studio Live. There are also respective level deflections per channel and in the stereo out. However, there is no sound from the studio speakers when we go from the Macbook to the StudioLive mixer. In Logic and in the Mac, the Presonos StudioLive 16 is selected as a stereo output. I can't say more than that. What do I have to set in Studio Live 16?

We work in DAW mode. Many Thanks

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