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I want to keep specific latency setting in my different programs but I can't!

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asked Nov 3, 2022 in Revelator Series by vincentv (160 points)
edited Nov 3, 2022 by vincentv

I would like to use different latencies with my different softs (Reaper and Pianoteq).

But when I change the ASIO latency in reaper (or start Reaper with a different latency), it changes the latency of PIanoteq (and the latency of my sound card panel)! My pianoteq latency is replaced!

PIanoteq is a piano and I want to a very low latency like 32 samples block size. For Reaper, I use 128 samples block size.

There is a solution to this issue?

Windows 10 and my sound car is PreSonus Revelator io 24.There was no this issue my card M-track 2*2.

Thx you!

I have created a topic on the Reaper forum:

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