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need Arrangement Section Swap feature in S1

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asked Nov 4, 2022 in Editing by princeagrawal (13,690 points)

The arrangement track in Studio One is very useful, however it is not possible to swap sections of arrangement with each other yet in Studio One.

Let's say I have the following arranger track with 5 arrangement sections : A B C D E

Now to make changes to this arrangement, currently Studio One allows to do the following 3 things with the arrangement sections : 

  1. Insert Sections between each other - If i want to have the arrangement AEBCD instead of ABCDE, I can drag section E between Section A and B and insert it between them like so 

       2. Replace and Move Sections - If i drop section E over section B, section B gets deleted and section E moves to the place            of section B and the arrangement ABCDE changes to AECD.


      3. Replace and Copy Sections - If i drop section E over section B while holding the ALT/Option key, section B gets deleted               and section E gets copied over to the place of section B and the arrangement changes from ABCDE to AECDE.


However the most important of all is currently not possible in Studio One i.e. Arrangement Section Swap .

Here's how it should work : Keeping in view of the above example of ABCDE arrangement, let's say you want to swap sections B and E, so that the arrangement ABCDE changes to AECDB. You should be able to simply drag section E over Section B (or vice versa) while holding Ctrl/Shift on keyboard and B and E should swap places.

Here's how it currently works : currently you would have to do it in 3 steps :

      (i) Move E between A and B so the arrangement changes from ABCDE to AEBCD


     (ii) Move B behind D, leaving a gap in arrangement between E and C making it AE[gap]CDB 


     (iii) Select sections C, D and B together and move them leftwards to fill the gap, ultimately completing the swap. 



The whole point of arranger track is to be able to quickly test out different arrangements, so one might have to swap arrangement sections a lot of times to test out different ideas, and having to do the swap in this 3 step process when you have to do it very often during a production is very inefficient and annoying. Please fix this Presonus and make it a simple one drag process while holding a modifier key. Thanks for reading this.      

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