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Autoscroll Should Stay On If Toolbar Switch Is On When Editing Audio In The Arranger

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asked Nov 4, 2022 in Editing by garyshepherd (1,830 points)
Currently Autoscroll switches off when audio editing in the Arranger - this is disruptive if you are zoom editing in the Arranger as when you play your edit, the Autoscroll has switched off the Arranger no longer shows where the Cursor is in the arrangement. My Feature Request would be to make Autoscroll permanently on if the button is pressed, and permanently off if the button is off. Editing audio in the Arranger should not affect buttons on the Toolbar and you should not have to continually switch Autoscroll back on.

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answered Nov 4, 2022 by Lokeyfly (1,720 points)
Agree and voted. Additionally, I'd like to see some options for autoscrolk such as The current on/off autoscroll where it senses editing, scaling and auto disengaged or re engages  based on activity or non activity. A permanent on and off as described. Additionally a counter or timer to return to autoscroll. This would enable auditioning edits for a defined length of time. Such as 0, 15, 30, 60 & 120 seconds.

The options would look like this:
*Autoscroll on/off (auto engages/dissengages)
*Autoscroll on/off permanent (manual)
*Autoscroll clock based on 0, 15, 30 60, 120 seconds.

Would be really useful!
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answered Nov 5, 2022 by garyshepherd (1,830 points)
Its really a bug.
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answered Nov 7, 2022 by garyshepherd (1,830 points)
Cubase is quoted by Support as having similar behaviour with regard to editing and Auto Scroll, but this is not true - In Cubase you have the option to Suspend Auto Scroll When Editing, but you can turn this off - thereby satisfying the few people who might want this function. So Cubase does this better at the moment.
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answered Nov 7, 2022 by jkloftin (340 points)
As a user since Ver 3, I never had to deal with this interrupting  my work flow, which it does now. This affects my workload similarly to the "return to start position" or "start at stop position", except we have an easy way to switch between those 2 options. Until Ver 6, which I like very much except for this, I don't remember having to deal with this. There at least needs to be a way to toggle this behavior on and off. My 2 cents.
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answered Nov 9, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,690 points)
I have created a macropage to help combat this issue. Look for "navigate with autoscroll" macropage in Presonus Exchange.

Also make sure to download and install the "Navigation Essentials" script at the link below, so that all the macro buttons work properly.
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answered Nov 24, 2022 by garyshepherd (1,830 points)
This is a helpful addition - thanks. Hopefully Presonus will see Autoscroll needs improvement.
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answered Feb 2, 2023 by chorton (420 points)
I fully agree that this needs to be changed. I've been pulling my hair out trying to find an existing option to be able to permanently turn scrolling on/off. I figured it was an option because... logic (not the DAW). So weird that this is forced on us. Really wastes a ton of time for me. Many not so nice things shouted at the app because it's off, no! I want it off, stop turning it on again! Just leave it on, I need it on! Wait! It's off again? What??? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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answered Feb 14, 2023 by jcrakes (420 points)
Sounds like a good request
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answered Mar 4, 2023 by mikesupina (6,370 points)
Please add this, Presonus :) it would be very handy to have a simple on off button so it either stays on all of the time, or stays off all of the time.
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answered May 28, 2023 by garyshepherd (1,830 points)
Presonus - this is a sensible and easy request - please look at this. The "intended" behaviour of Autoscroll is the wrong way round. If you don't want Autoscroll on when you are editing - then turn it off! It is simple. If you want Autoscroll to stay on - then turn it on. But don't turn it off when editing.
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answered Jul 3, 2023 by garyshepherd (1,830 points)
I have tried with Support - but Presonus QA are adamant this is intentional - so it won't be changed, and with the few votes here, won't be looked at. All a bit pointless and frustrating really......
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answered Jul 28, 2023 by mikesupina (6,370 points)
I hope Presonus reconsiders. I'll express my concern... If you convert audio to midi for drums, I always zoom in very close and tab to the next transient (in this case, midi notes) to see if they all lined up. If they haven't, I move the midi note. The problem is that if I edit a midi note (sometimes half are slightly off), the autoscroll turns off and then tabbing to the next midi note will not have the screen follow. You then have to either click the autoscroll back on, or use a key command, but mouse clicking it back on or using a key command is redundant, especially if you already have key commands being used up in all of the convenient locations as to not have to move your hands from the keyboard.

In Pro Tools with Massey DRT, I can spot out all of the midi notes in minutes. In Studio One, it takes much longer because of all of the extra clicking/key commands. Would love it if it was a permanent on off function, as it's unintuitive to have this happen automatically, for any reason really. Please consider. :)

On a side note, just have the edit or midi window follow the cursor automatically if you keep tabbing over. That would be even simpler. Have autoscroll in it's off position be overridden by moving your cursor with key commands. Otherwise, playback doesn't move it. Way more intuitive. :)
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answered Jan 27 by teqnotic (650 points)
Please! include an option to disable auto-scroll. It's truly an annoyance