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How to efficiently delete unused FX tracks ?

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asked Nov 11, 2022 in Studio One 5 by sigmab (210 points)
Hi there,
Let's say I have a Room Reverb as a send effect on an audio track. It automatically creates an FX track with that same Room Reverb.
But when I remove the Room Reverb from the send FX section on my audio track, it doesn't automatically delete the FX track that was created.
So I noticed that I now have multiple, unused FX tracks. I deleted a lot of send effects during my mixing process without paying attention, and now I have no clue which FX tracks are still used or not.

Is there a solution to efficiently delete those unused FX tracks in Studio One 5 Pro ?


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answered Nov 11, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,500 points)
selected Nov 12, 2022 by sigmab
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Yes, there is a way to check that. You need to look at the FX channel inputs. The blue dots (see picture below) on the inputs of the FX channel indicate that the FX channel is receiving input from tracks. The more the number of dots, the more the number of tracks sending to this FX channel.

If there are no tracks sending to the FX channel, there will be no blue dots on the FX channel input like below : 

This is a nice visual indicator that tells you if there are any inputs sending to the channel or not. You can also confirm the same by clicking this line of blue dots and seeing exactly which channels is the FX channel receiving the input from, as shown below : 

Deleting the corresponding FX channel, when the send signal is removed from a channel makes zero sense. As there might be many other channels sending to the same FX channel. Hope this helps.

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answered Nov 12, 2022 by sigmab (210 points)
It's perfect, thank you so much for this !