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Event Sends — like Event FX, but for sending to FX without using automation

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asked May 12, 2020 in Mixing by kipholcomb (310 points)
edited May 12, 2020 by kipholcomb

Studio One gives us Event FX, which is a fast way to put a plugin on a single audio Event, so we can avoid having to put the plugin on the track and add automation to enable that plugin at a specific moment/event.

However, no DAW I've used offers this capability for sends.

If I have a delay FX track and want to use it to send specific words in a vocal to that delay, I need to configure the send for each track that I want to send to it. I then need to add automation for that track to un-mute that send for a specific audio clip/event (e.g. to do a delay "throw").

What I want is Event Sends, where, like Event FX, I can tell a specific Event to send its audio to an aux/FX channel at a specific level, without me needing to draw it and manage automation.

This could even work by having a simple plug-in that allows routing to an existing FX channel. We could then use this special plug-in as an Event FX to achieve the same thing. Though, I think that would make it feel more advanced and buried, compared with feeling like its own feature.

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answered Oct 3, 2020 by louisgonzales2 (640 points)
Only DAW I know that does this is Samplitude Pro x5 and their flagship program Sequioa. It's been a feature on their DAW for yrs. They were the first DAW to implement Object Efx (event efx in Studio One) ( clip efx in Protools). This is a windows only program though and its not the best option for production but mixing and mastering its as good as it gets.