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Update The Master From One Rendered Track

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asked Nov 23, 2022 in Mastering by adambrinkman (300 points)
I use a lot of outboard gear and I also sum my mix through a passive summing mixer and preamp combination. When updating the mastering file, I sometimes get an audio engine dropout or CPU spike because my sessions tend to be quite large. To avoid this issue, I record a summed copy of my mix to one stereo track and then I have to export the file for mastering. Once the song is added to the mastering session, it would be great to be able to update the mastering file by having the option to either select the entire mix or the individual track that I've already rendered within my song session.

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answered Nov 26, 2022 by tothrec (31,740 points)
I'm not going to vote this down, but will say that it would introduce a compromised workflow.  When I update a Master, I want to be absolutely sure that it has all the latest changes.  If I forget something or choose the wrong element, that would be really bad.

And you are suggesting this due to a performance limitation of your computer, not of the software.

It sounds like you know how to configure your settings, but want to say to make sure you've got your buffers big before updating the master.