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S1 Feature Request : Undo/Redo Macros

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asked Nov 24, 2022 in Editing by princeagrawal (13,730 points)

When a Macro is executed, it executes a series of commands that the macro is made up of. However, if you have to Undo a macro, you have to undo each individual command separately, and to do that effectively, you must remember how many commands that macro is made up of, so that you can do Undo that many number of times. Similarly if you have undone all the commands of the macro and have to Redo the macro execution, you have to Redo each command of the macro individually. 

All this can get very confusing, very quickly if the macro is made up of lots of commands and some of which are transport based commands which don't work with undo/redo functions. 

So my request is to add the feature of Macro Undo/Redo, that simply undoes/redoes a macro in one go and takes all the remembering and guessing out of the equation. 

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answered Nov 26, 2022 by tothrec (31,920 points)
Great suggestion!