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Feature Request: improving keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys to a Vim-like key sequnce

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asked Mar 30 in Editing by marcotrosi (1,220 points)
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Hello Team Presonus,

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of shortcuts like shift-alt-command-F3 where it's hard to remember what that even is, and also where you need to be a piano prodigy to press that shortcuts "jazz chord".

the solution is quite simple and exists many times in other programs. I'm talking about Vim-like keybindings, but let's ignore the word Vim. The "only" thing that needs to be changed is that I can not only assign a single key to an action, but a key sequence.

And the good thing is that this feature would not change a thing for users who don't want to use it. They just continue assigning single keys to their actions.

So this feature would allow us to create much more memorable shortcuts and they can be typed faster than shift-alt-command-F3

I'm sure your programmers know what I'm talking about.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions about it.

Here an example for all the readers who don't know what I'm talking about
if you look at your shortcuts for markers, scenes and groups you will see probably something like ALT+<num> or CMD+<num> or SHIFT+ALT+<num>, where <num> is a number 0-9. I don't know the exact shortcuts cause I deleted all these shortcuts on my system, but anyways, it's hard to remember which SHIFT ALT CTRL COMMAND combination to press. Instead we could create more memorable shortcuts like

  • M followed by <num> for the Markers
  • G followed by <num> for the Groups
  • S followed by <num> for the Scenes

be aware that the letters would be case sensitive, means m is different from M, cause I'm sure you dont want to change your mute shortcut. So in your head you just go I need marker 3, so I press M and 3. that's it. done. Your thoughts will translate into shortcuts, without remembering crazy SHIFT ALT CTRL COMMAND combinations where you do it wrong anyway on the first attempt, and then you are afraid that you destroyed something if it's not happening what you expected.



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