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Add undo/redo & a/b buttons in the plugin windows.

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asked Jan 6 in Studio One 6 by bluefire3 (340 points)
Hi. It would be nice for us for there to be a way to have an undo buttons & a/b buttons for each plugin in the plugin window. This would be great so that we can easily undo/redo and a/b all of our Studio One and 3rd party plugins.

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answered Jan 10 by viswachakravarthy (1,910 points)
Doesn't control Z work?
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answered Jan 29 by blencathra (660 points)
One specific use case that needs this is that if a sample is accidentally dropped onto an Impact XT drum pad there is no way to undo that mistake to retrieve the original sample (CTL-Z doesnt do it) and usually one doesn't know what the sample was so the only solution is reverting to a previous version of the song file (if there is one) and then one loses all the other work from the current song file.