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Request to be able to graphically separate coda from body of score

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asked Nov 28, 2022 in Notion Feature Requests by davidlimburg (1,520 points)

I would like to be able to add a separation between the ending of the regular form of a piece and the coda or tag ending. This would be a visible break between the end and the coda. I am pretty sure Sibelius and Finale support this, and I am also pretty sure that Notion does not. It's not an uncommon occurrence to display a coda as "broken off" from the main score or part. Please add this capability. 
Attached photo is from an example of Finale, found on the web.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 17, 2023 by RyanMcCaffrey (170 points)
this is driving me mad not being able to have a seperate coda.  Please can you fix this?