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video track / video player on show page

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asked Nov 29, 2022 in Show Page by yornangdjajaputra (440 points)
may i request video track or any way to sync video with audio file on show page?

i  use studio one for my playback audio and video at the same time,
all the video sync to the audio on every song,

so until today i use video track on song page. the problem is, i can't use the IPAD studio one RC to follow scene i choose from arrange track.

also if i open more than 4 song page, it is take time to find the next song (setlist) to play,

it will be better if i can use video track on show page..


2 Answers

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answered Jan 17 by viktorkestral (320 points)
For many reasons, I don't like Steinberg but in this case, I have no other choice than using their VSTLive to get video track in "show mode". Please add it to S1
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answered Mar 7 by RobKoski (250 points)
This would be an excellent addition.  I believe logic has this capability.