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Show list Panel in Show Page and allows as to add a custom folder directory.

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asked Jul 15, 2021 in Show Page by reynaldguibone2 (1,080 points)
A Show List Panel inside the Show Page. It is more like a separate browser panel to search for a show list or a show list folder. It is much easier and efficient than to click file>open>specific folder for each show or click file in the browser panel the files>studio one>shows. It will be nice if the show list browser has its own panel intended only for the show list and use the existing browser for other file search like, packs, effects or instruments. In this way, the musician can organize his events/gig files better and can search the show file easily. Of course do not forget to have an option to set our own show list custom folder destination.

This is also good for quick loading a show list in case there is a sudden changes with the show and you think you have it in other show file. Thanks!

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