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Add a timestretch and transpose option to the Show Page

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asked Feb 20, 2022 in Show Page by ernestalbuquerque (1,880 points)
Can you change the BPM of a song while playing in the show page? I have tried a lot and I can't think so, I have have to go to the song page, change the tempo or pitch up by like 1 step. And export it all and bring it into the show page to perform, whil in front of a crowd and while keeping my bandmates waiting...
It was not cool ...

Please add a feature where we can right-click on a song event and transpose it using the awesome features and quality of the song page
And also it would be nice if we could transpose a song up or down, remotely from a MIDI device. I always play 2 or 3 tracks back, drums seperate, bass on one track and keys/guitar mix on the third. If I can spontaneously transpose just the melodic tracks via MIDI mid-song, that would be so useful for live shows!!!

And also another feature where we can change the tempo, mid-song, without losing a beat. In the Song page too whenever I change the tempo, it skips a bunch of audio. Can u have the tempo change from the playhead instead of the start of the project? That would really help a lot, especially if u want to sync to a live band.

Only these two things are keeping me from liking the show page, very hard and unintuitive to use without these basic features. Hope it will get done in the next update, I love Studio One 5!

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answered Jun 15, 2022 by LambertC (1,560 points)
Please , ADD a Timestretch and Transpose option in the show page. URGENTLY Needed.

Thank you.