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Inconsistent behavior for "Audio Timestretch + Tempo Define" for event start.

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asked Dec 1, 2022 in Editing by princeagrawal (13,690 points)

When you hold ALT and drag an audio event, it gets timestretched.

When you hold CTRL + ALT and drag an audio event it gets timestretched + its tempo gets defined as well. 

RIGHT CLICK GIF and select "Open Image in New Tab"

But Studio One is exhibiting this inconsistent behavior where, holding ALT for both event start and event end timestretches it, as expected (see pic below) : [Note the mouse pointer icons]

But holding CTRL + ALT timestretches as well as tempo defines for event end (as expected), but timestretches only and does not define tempo when dragging the event start, which is unexpected and inconsistent (see pic below) : [Note the mouse pointer icons]

So my feature request is to fix this inconsistency and make so that CTRL + ALT timestreches + tempo defines both with event start and event end

I initially reported it as a bug, but was told by support that this is intended behavior in Studio One and I should make a feature request for this. So here we are. If its an intended behavior, then its a super Counterintuitive one.

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