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Audio event doesn't follow tempo

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asked Mar 1, 2019 in Studio One 4 by erlendkrog (130 points)

I have an audio file that has a variable tempo that I want to stretch to a constant tempo. One way I have done this previously is in the following steps:

  • I trim the audio so that the first beat is at the beginning of the event
  • I select "Don't follow tempo" for the track and then analyse it with Melodyne
  • In Melodyne I get the profile of the variable tempo, and I select "Confirm x BPM to y BPM as file tempo" 
  • Then I drag the event onto the tempo track to get the tempo variation from Melodyne into the project tempo
  • I select "Follow tempo" for the audio track and remove the automation points in the tempo track

Now I would think that the audio track should stretch to a constant tempo, but it doesn't. Do you know why, or how I can solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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