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Some songs in studio one 3 freeze for 10 seconds whenever I adjust the length position or fade of an event

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asked Sep 2, 2018 in Studio One 3 by joelwaddell (220 points)
Hey :)

I'm currently working on an album of 15 tracks in Studio One, and two of them seem to give up on life for a moment every time I adjust an event.

Here are the details:

By freeze, I mean that the cursor is still mobile, but is stuck on whatever tool I was using for around 10 seconds. I'm unable to make any other selections or interact with any of the GUI while this happens.

For example, If I want to drag back the start of an event to reveal the audio before the start of that event, I need to click the edge of the event and drag, and hold the cursor where I want the event beginning to end up for around 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the event will finally react to my command, and then take it's place.

Here are some details about the sessions I'm working with:

All 15 songs are 85% audio and 15% instrument tracks, around 50-80 tracks per song.
All 15 songs have multi-tracked drums that I sliced every hit to edit timing.
This results in thousands of events. My first thought was that S1 was struggling to keep track of so many events at once. But then I realised I'm only having this problem with 2 songs, all the other have sliced drums too and they are completely fine and snappy. The 2 problem songs aren't longer than the others and don't have more slices.

Regardless of the fact that if the other 13 songs are fine, then it shouldn't be an issue, I tried this:

Duplicated the drum tracks.
Muted, Disabled and hid one set of tracks.
Bounced the other set, so that there is only 1 event on each line now.  

Unfortuately that didn't do the trick.

The CPU/HDD levels look healthy at around 10% but they freeze with the rest of S1 when it happens so I cant see if there is a spike.

I can't remember the point at which this first started happening.

If I disable all devices in the CPU monitor window, the problem persists.

I'm using Windows 10 and the latest version of Studio One 3. I have 8GB of Ram and a 2.88 GHz i7 processor.

The songs are located on a 1TB seagate HDD

Thanks! Sorry for the long post

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