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Channel 9/10 and 15/16 interference

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asked Dec 4, 2022 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by markfiske (150 points)
Good afternoon.

Plugged into the 1/4 L & R 9/10 inputs on my AR16 is a guitar modeler.  Plugged into the channel 15/16 XLR input is a phantom powered condenser mic.

With all channels muted except 9/10, the green signal light on that channel 9/10 lights as expected when the modeler signal hits it, however... does the one on the 15/16 strip.  Even when the fader is all the way down and the mute switch is depressed.  Any thoughts on why?  I am chasing an unwanted chorusing sound I periodically get on my guitar signal from time to time, and this is currently my mostly likely culprit.

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