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Option to Disable: Pop-up Boxes

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asked Jan 5 in Look and Feel by jasonrummler2 (150 points)
It seems that every possible interface element the mouse can hover over has an informational pop-up.  These are incredibly distracting, and most are useless.  For example, I don't need a pop-up on every key of the piano roll to tell me what note it is.  Nor do I need a pop-up to tell me that the big square in the transport means 'stop'.  I also know the sliders on each mixer track are for adjusting 'volume'.  When I use my Studio One 5 Professional, I am constantly trying to find a piece of real estate where there isn't a pop-up, so I can focus on composing instead.

This could all be easily mitigated by simply having an option to turn off pop-ups globally.

Thanks for the consideration.

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