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Option to Disable Safety Mode

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asked Feb 7 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by tomhazlehurst (170 points)
I use Studio One 6 Show Page regularly live. I run it on a headless Mac Mini in a rack unit which loads the show automatically on boot up, and I trigger the different bit of the show using MIDI or via the remote app, which works perfectly.  However, due to the nature of playing live, I don't always get the chance to shutdown Studio One via the remote app before the the Mac is shutdown. When this happens, the next time Studio One opens the Safety Page opens asking if I want I to open the software normally or with any options, which is frustrating as I run headless, I can't really do anything about, as I can't dismiss this using the remote app. I end up having to VNC into the Mac Mini and dismissing this before I can continue.

My request is to be able to have the option to disable this feature in the services tab in the options, so I can boot the same way each time without issue.

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