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Presonus 1810c, input line 5/6 very quiet

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asked Jan 8, 2023 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by qozlyazz (130 points)
Using my Moog Subsequent 37 in line inputs 5 or 6 the volume is very low even though the synth is all the way up and I tried different cables. The synth works fine on the front panel inputs but why not on the back, on 5/6? the synth is a permanent part of my studio and therefore I want the inputs to go in the back. The front inputs I want reserved for instruments that I swap out frequently.

The UC mixer is all standard setting like 1/2 and 3/4. Is there a reason for this behavior on Line In's 5 and 6, or is my Audio Interface going bad?



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answered Jan 9, 2023 by ronlinares (210 points)
I have the same problem on my 1810c. If I move the input from 5 to 4 it works fine. I am using balanced cables and the output device is set to line level.