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Piano input on line 5/6 very quiet on 1810c

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asked Jul 26, 2019 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by mmatthews (150 points)

Hi there,

This is essentially this question but the answer there didn’t help me unfortunately:

I have my digital piano plugged into line 5/6 (stereo) of 1810c and there is sound but it’s soft. How do you increase the sound or gain on the UC mixer? I’ve been adjusting volume/fader in there and while it does impact the volume, even with everything right up, it’s much quieter than I would expect, certainly much quieter than my old audio interface with same keyboard volume input and monitor settings. So it feels wrong, and I’m at a loss what else to try.  Does anyone have any advice or can point to a setup guide related to connecting keyboard to the presonus 1810c?

Thank you so much.

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answered Jul 27, 2019 by piggysm (1,260 points)
Sorry here I have 1824 so there are physical gain knobs for each input.

Have you try connect the piano into front panel inputs which have physical knobs? I checked my UC, there is no soft gain but only volume faders, so I don't think it can be adjust in UC.

I have no idea. Have you gain your piano volume enough? or how about try different TRS and lines?