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Presonus Studio 1810c shows error that firmware needs to be updated even after it already has been updated

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asked Oct 22, 2023 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jameslemma (120 points)
edited Jan 9 by jameslemma
The firmware has already been updated but the message persists in Universal Control that it still needs to be updated.  If I try to do the update anyway then it will tell me that I'm already on the latest firmware.  I can go ahead and do the update regardless but it doesn't change anything and the problem persists.  This makes it that I can't do anything change any settings in Universal Control.  I've yet to see a solution for this and I see other people asking the same question.  I need a solution or a refund or a replacement product that actually works.
Edit:  I just wanted to add that there's been no answer to this issue and also PreSonus has not reached out at all.  My conclusion is they don't care about supporting their buggy product.  My conclusion is I've given up on them and will not buy another PreSonus product ever.  I just placed an order for a Scarlett FocusRite audio interface.
Edit #2:  Got the Scarlett FocusRite 4i4 and it's working perfectly!  Thanks for nothing PreSonus!

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