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On NOTION add a colour pallette selection on notes and on musical staff for SLD users (like my child)

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asked Jan 12, 2023 in Notion iOS Feature Requests by francescopiluso (140 points)
My child has some Specific Learning Disorders (in reading, writing, counting, evaluating, etc.).

He loved music and the music is helping him to "mitigate" his LSD situation, meanwhile he started at school learning to play some musical instruments (keyboard and guitar) and to write and read musical staff too, always using NOTION application for IOS on the same IPAD he uses for all the other school subjects.

NOTION is helping him a lot because he can not only zoom and check directly which note has to play on the instrument, but he can also hear the musical staff played at the right time so he can realize what he's done wrong and how to improve it.

Unfortunatly he's very slow in writing and reading the musical staff due to the SLD, so that up to now I've to copy all the musical staff by hand from NOTION to a background coloured template in which one colour is representing always the same note, it doens't matter if it's a line o a space or a different height of the same note.

I think it would be very helpful not only to me, but also to my child and to all the other people with SLD to have the possibility inside NOTION to freely customize both the musical staff space and line colours and the note colour, it'll make all users fully autonomous and fully fullfilled.

Sorry for the long question

Thanks a lot for the great job done on NOTION!

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