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Are ALL Fat Channel Plugins compatible with StudioLive 64S Series III mixer?

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asked Jan 28 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by ghopper.mail (120 points)

I have a new StudioLive 64S Mixer .
I have Fat Channel Volume 1 plugins included FREE with StudioLive 64S, so I know its compatible.
However, at it lists compatible mixers for ALL Fat Channel Plugins were compatible up to the 32 Mixers size, but none showed the 64S mixer in the compatibility list?

I assume that ALL Fat Channel Plugins listed as compatible with StudioLive 32 Series III would be compatible with StudioLive 64S Series III, but wanted to confirm before trying to install?

Is the 64S just so new its compatible, but just not listed yet?

I have a few additional Fat Channel Free plugins I wanted to add, but same thing, only shows up to 32 mixer.

Thx in advance,

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