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AUX OUT for in ear monitor 24r

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asked Feb 2 in StudioLive Series III by jtheovanderberg (120 points)
I would like to use the aux outs on the presonus studiolive 24r digital mixer for inear system

I am looking at the Beringer PM1 inearbelt unit witch is not a amp unit,  or the beringer P2 belt unit witch is a amp unit. Can you give some advice on what to use I presume the PM1.

What connectors do I use TSR or TR . Do I go stereo (use two AUX outs) or can I get away with just one AUX out channel.

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answered Feb 2 by tonytaylor1 (150 points)
We have a couple of P2s that work great off of an aux/mix. They will accept both XLR, and 1/4 " TRS. You can manage the mono setting on the P2 with the switch inside the metal housing. We liked the P2s as they were smaller.